Next year, an American Tesla rival with a localization focus will introduce an SUV in India
Next year, an American Tesla rival with a localization focus will introduce an SUV in India

For India, Tesla is out and Fisker is in. The US-based EV company, a competitor to Elon Musk's EV manufacturer, has announced that it will soon begin selling electric cars there. The EV manufacturer has stated that from July of next year, India would be able to drive its pricier electric SUV Ocean. As it was unable to obtain lower import charges, the company would also concentrate on local manufacturers to keep the cost of its EVs low.

Henrik Fisker, CEO of the EV manufacturer, was quoted by news agency Reuters as stating that the US-based EV maker aims to have a first-mover advantage in India even if EV adoption in the nation has not progressed as quickly as in other nations. "India will eventually switch entirely to electricity. We want to be one of the first people to arrive here, even though it might not move as quickly as the United States, China, or Europe "He said to Reuters.

After Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, acknowledged that his intentions to introduce electric vehicles in India were on hold, Fisker made the choice to enter the market. After extensive talks to attempt and lower the import tariff on EVs, Tesla decided to remain absent. Despite not receiving any incentives, Fisker nonetheless designed its India operation accordingly. "In the end, you practically have to start constructing a vehicle here or at least undertake some assembly," Fisker added, "if you want to have somewhat of a greater volume in India."

The premium electric SUV from Fisker, the Ocean, has already been made available in this country. While Ocean Ultra guarantees 547 km of range, Ocean Extreme SUV gives 563 km of range on a single charge. On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y provides a 531 km range on a single charge. The range of the Ocean Sport is 402 kilometres per charge. Iron- and nickel-based batteries are used in the Ocean SUV.

The high-range Fisker Ocean vehicles come equipped with all-wheel drive as standard. The SUVs have a chic appearance and a variety of distinctive characteristics. The top-tier electric SYV, the Ocean Extreme, has a solar roof that is said to provide enough energy to drive 3,218 kilometres annually. The SUV's big 17.1-inch touchscreen entertainment system has a Hollywood Mode that flips it from landscape to portrait mode.

Additionally, according to Fisker, its Ocean line of SUVs will be able to charge other electric cars and power the owner's home in an emergency. The PEAR is a five-seater, smaller electric vehicle from Fisker. After 2026, Fisker might think about launching the PEAR in India. "It would be fantastic if we could purchase that automobile locally in India for less than $20,000. Once we reach a certain volume and market share, I believe, "Fisker stated.

The amount of money that Fisker is proposing to invest in building a plant in India was kept a secret. According to him, the company would need to sell between 30,000 and 40,000 units annually to remain profitable. It would most likely cost Fisker around $800 million (roughly equivalent to 6,486 crores) in India to reach a production capacity of 50,000 units annually. Fisker is currently looking for a location to set up a shop in New Delhi for its first showroom. Suppliers of vehicle parts are also present.

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