Three more arrested in Kanhaiyalal murder case, used to work at the behest of Riyaz

New Delhi: NIA has taken major action in the Kanhaiyalal murder case in Udaipur, Rajasthan. On Tuesday, the investigation team detained three people. The NIA team detained the men from Udaipur and brought them to Jaipur for questioning. Let us know that the mastermind of the Kanhaiyalal murder case, Riyaz and Gos Mohammad, have come to the fore.

Both the accused worked for the organisation under the name Of Daut-e-Islami. Two other accused have also been arrested in connection with the murder plot. According to the information, the NIA team is engaged in the search for the people in Udaipur, who are in connection with Riyaz and Gos Mohammed. Along with this, the helpers of Riyaz and Gaus are also being searched. The NIA team has detained three persons from Udaipur. On Monday, the investigation team brought the men from Udaipur to Jaipur.

1. Farhad Sheikh:- At the behest of Riyaz Attari, he threatened the Udaipur-based businessman. Riyaz had tasked Farhad to kill the businessman, but when Farhad threatened the businessman, he left Udaipur and fled.

2. Waseem:- He works at the clothing store. The shop at which Waseem works is in front of Kanhaiyalal's shop. According to sources, Waseem had given the green signal, after which Riyaz and Mohammad Gos reached Kanhaiya's shop.

3. Mohsin:- The NIA has not yet clarified his role.

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