Nightmares - Cures for dealing with it
Nightmares - Cures for dealing with it

Nightmares are bad dreams that can cause children to wake in fear and distress. Nightmares in children are common. When your child wakes from nightmares or bad dreams, she needs comfort and reassurance.

Reasons for nightmares

If your child has nightmares every now and then, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her emotionally. You don’t need to worry.Children with vivid imaginations might have nightmares more often than other children. Again, you don’t need to worry.But if your child is having a recurrent nightmare, or he’s having particularly bad dreams, he might be experiencing some kind of stress during the day.

Cure for dealing with nightmares

Let your child know it’s alright to feel scared after a nightmare. Avoid dismissing the fear or saying that your child is being silly, because nightmares can seem very real to little children.If your child wakes up during a nightmare, explain that it was a bad dream. Reassure him that everything is alright and safe. If your preschool-age child has dreamed about monsters, you could try explaining that monsters are only make-believe.If your child talks about a nightmare the next day, be patient. Listen to her worries, don’t dismiss or downplay them. But if she seems to have forgotten all about a nightmare, it’s probably best not to raise the topic.

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