America targets Iraq again, fired more than dozen missiles
America targets Iraq again, fired more than dozen missiles

Washington: On Wednesday, after the assassination of Iranian General Qasim Sulemani on Wednesday, Iran launched several rocket attacks on the US al-Assad airbase. According to reports, more than a dozen missiles have been fired on its airbase. Coalition forces with the US are stationed at this airbase. No damage has been reported to the US and coalition forces in this attack. Meanwhile, the US has banned its civilian flights to the Gulf, Iraq, and Iran.

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After information received from the sources, it is known that President Donald Trump is meeting with the National Security Advisor regarding the attack. A US defense official said that at around 5 and a half, the bases of US and coalition forces in Iraq were attacked with more than one missile recorded. At the same time, the Pentagon has issued a statement saying that it is assessing the damage done in the attack. Since the assassination of Iranian commander General Suleimani, Iran has hardened its attitude. It was feared that Iran might take aggressive steps.

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Jonathan Hoffman, the assistant to the US Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, reported that on 7 January 2020 at 5.30 pm (EST) Iran attacked the US military and coalition forces in Iraq with more than a dozen ballistic missiles. did. When talking about this, Hoffman said, "It is clear that these missiles were launched by Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases Al-Assad and Irbil where the US Army and coalition forces are stationed."

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