NIPAH: Everything you need to know about the deadly virus
NIPAH: Everything you need to know about the deadly virus

The Nipah virus kills 10 people in the southern parts of India. To everyone who is unaware, the southern states of India have been put on high alert to avoid exposure to such a disease. The virus is spreading at a high alarming rate.

Here is everything you should know about the Nipah virus, and the ways to avoid it.

1. What is Nipah?

Nipah is a deadly virus which is contagious from its basic nature (can be easily spread from humans to animals and converse too). Abbreviated as ‘NiV’ is solely responsible for killing many lives in Kerala.


2. How did it start?

A disease that started in Kampung Sungai Nipah, Malaysia back during 1998-1999. The host that time responsible was a pig, this deadly disease started spreading from pigs to human.

Later in 2004, it was also recognized in Bangladesh but the host was date palm sap. Recently in India, the disease has been recognized but the transmission has been human to human in a highly clean place of a hospital.


3. What are the symptoms?

The symptoms that are evident to cause the disease are not so severe respiratory syndrome, small infections, fatal encephalitis. These can be spread from pigs, cows, sheep etc to animals and can be infected to animals also. to find a solution?

There is no solution diagnosed with the deadly disease yet. Intense care is the only way out.


5.what are the precautions?

 It Is advised to stay away from animals and date palm sap as they have been the major source of spreading in the other countries.


Be safe and healthy.


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