Nitin Gadkari arrives in Parliament in 'hydrogen car,' see photos
Nitin Gadkari arrives in Parliament in 'hydrogen car,' see photos

New Delhi: Union Minister for Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari is seen fulfilling his promise. The Union Minister has been speaking that the time to come is about green hydrogen-powered cars and flex engines. He had said that he will soon be seen riding a green energy-powered car in the capital Delhi.

The hydrogen cars will be seen running on Indian roads soon. The much-awaited first hydrogen car has already started its journey in India. Nitin Gadkari rode it on Wednesday. In this advanced car, Nitin Gadkari reached Parliament today. Due to this, this car running on clean fuel remained the centre of attraction of the individuals. This car has been built under the pilot project of Toyota company and has an advanced fuel sale. This advanced cell generates electricity from a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. The car runs with this electricity. As an emission, only water comes out of this car.

Nitin Gadkari said that this car is completely environmentally friendly and does not spread any kind of pollution. He further said "This car is the future of India. Cars with petrol and diesel engines cause a lot of pollution, but there is no pollution at all from hydro-fuel cell cars.''

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