Virat Kohli's restaurant embroiled in controversy, know what is the matter?

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli's restaurant One8 commune has been embroiled in controversy. Kohli's restaurant has been accused of favouritism with LGBTQ+ community members and not allowing entry. Virat's restaurant has branches in Pune, Delhi and Kolkata. A group protecting LGBTQIA+ community officers has made allegations of favouritism by posting a series of posts on Instagram. The posts are going viral on social media.

The same post that is going viral. It says, "LGBTQ+ guests have no entry into Virat Kohli's restaurant. Virat runs restaurants called One8 Communes in Pune, Delhi and Kolkata. His zomato listing suggests that there is no entry to the restaurant for a stag. We messaged him 2 weeks ago. There was no response from him. We contacted the Pune branch of his restaurant, he told us on the call that the entry to the restaurant is only for cisgender heterosexual couples or groups of cisgender women. Gay couples or groups of gay men do not have access. Trans women are admitted according to their clothes''. 

Trans women are admitted by looking at their clothes. When we sought a response from the Delhi branch of the restaurant on this issue, they did not give any news. The Kolkata branch told us that everyone has an entry here. However, his booking page on Zomato is telling a different story. Such fancy restaurants, bars and clubs in India, often have a bias with the LGBTQ community. And Virat Kohli is doing the same thing.

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