No evidence that Omicron variant is more vaccine resistant: France PM

PARIS  – In Angouleme, southwest France, French Prime Minister Jean Castex stated that there is no evidence that the Omicron variant  is more resistant to Covid-19 vaccines.

"No consolidated evidence permits us to conclude, to date, that this variant would be more vaccination resistant," Castex said during a press conference after visiting an Angouleme hospital. "There is no indication of the so-called inefficiency of vaccines against this variant," he said, adding that the first results of scientific investigations would be released in about 10 to 15 days. He emphasised the importance of coronavirus vaccination, stating that "in the next days," 90 percent of the French population would have had at least one shot. "The 5th wave is undoubtedly here. It is more severe than the fourth wave "Castex issued a warning.

According to Castex, the pandemic situation in France is alarming, as all data are rising, including a 60% spike in new cases in one week.He stated that his government is keeping a close eye on the Omicron variant scenario.

Four Omicron variant cases have been recorded in France so far, including the country's first Omicron case on Tuesday in La Reunion, a French overseas territory, and three on Metropolitan France on Thursday, all with a travel history to Africa.

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