No longer driving license cancellation of uneducated peoples proceed, this is complete information

Jun 14 2019 05:59 PM
No longer driving license cancellation of uneducated peoples proceed, this is complete information

The union Ministry of Road Transport and highways has cleaned up a heavy motor license or commercial driving licence. That having a mandatory minimum educational qualification for heavy vehicles would be a problem for the trained drivers and would like to distance themselves from this issue. Earlier, the Rajasthan High Court had ordered the state Transport Department not to issue driving licences to illiterate people calling them a threat to society. Let us know the full details

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A similar proposal has already been rejected by the Law ministry. The transport ministry says there were 4.8 million road accidents in 2016, with drivers guilty in 3.35 road accidents. And his academic qualifications were above class eight. The ministry says there are no statistics to prove that illiterate drivers have any connection with these incidents. Department officials say the minimum qualification for driving heavy vehicles has already been proposed to amend the Motor Vehicle Act bill to eliminate Class 8. According to reports, in a meeting with Haryana Chief Minister ml Khattar on Wednesday, road Transport and Highways Affairs Minister Nitin Gadkari had raised the issue saying that for trained drivers coming from backward areas from the condition of having minimum educational qualifications Has been proved detrimental.


For your information, having a certificate does not prove that the person in the front is literate. The driving licence is issued only to those who pass the objective test and answer the questions related to the road sign. The ministry says it plans to bring in a provision that enables every applicant to read and write. Recently, the Rajasthan High Court's justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma, in his two-page order, said that the motor vehicle rules are not only for those who apply for licences, but also to take care of the general public who are on the road. He said that no driving licence can be issued to those who are unable to read the road sign and cannot read the warning boards on the road for human safety. He had ordered the state Transport authority to formulate a guideline on the matter, as well as to take action against those who have been issued licences and unable to read and write. The motor vehicle rules or the central motor vehicle rules do not prescribe any minimum educational qualifications eligibility for issuance of light motor vehicle licences. The eighth pass must be to take only a heavy motor license or commercial license.

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