No Work, No Pay: Ford responds to protesting workers

Ford India Pvt. Ltd. has decided to extend production till the end of July at its Chennai plant. After the company announced that it has decided to cease the vehicle manufacturing in the country, in September of the previous year, as a consequence of accumulated losses and inability to find a sustainable path forward. 

The company announced that it will close down the Chennai plant by June 2022, however, it decided to extend it till July end as the company continues its discussions on the severance package. 

A Ford union member said, "We have been asking for an extension for a long time. And, now the management has accepted it, which is only to complete the remaining production for exports," He added,” We are ready to discuss with the management. But they want us to stop the protest first.  They are not ready to discuss unless we stop protesting and start production. They are not even ready to revise the package.

 Union members have also met the state minister for Labour Welfare and Skill Development, CV Ganesan to ask for the government's intervention. 

The company said that the wages/employment will be protected only for those continuing to support production in July. Whereas, for the workers continuing to illegally strike, there will be no pay. Leaving the workers with no choice. 

50% of workers agreed upon supporting production while continuing to discuss the severance package. 

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