China gave COVID-19 vaccine to North Korean leader Kim Joun-Un
China gave COVID-19 vaccine to North Korean leader Kim Joun-Un

Seoul: North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un secretly got the Coronavirus vaccine. claims of Kim Jong getting the vaccine on the basis of two intelligence sources. According to this report, Kim Jong-un, as well as many high officials in North Korea and Kim's family himself, have received the Corona vaccine.

This report also reveals that the Chinese government has secretly supplied the Corona vaccine to North Korea. Within the last two to three weeks, Kim Jong and others have been vaccinated. Earlier in a report, it was also claimed that North Korea is being suspected for hacking the data of AstraZeneca vaccine. The outbreak of corona in North Korea is at its peak.

Although officially there is no figure of how many Corona patients are in the country. A large population of North Korea is already experiencing poverty and after Corona the economic conditions in the country are not going well. North Korea is also facing many financial restrictions. In January, North Korea sealed its borders. A report last month also claimed that North Korea had left Corona contenders to starve at the secret camp.

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