'Not allowing spouse to have sex for a long time is cruelty', HC makes important remarks
'Not allowing spouse to have sex for a long time is cruelty', HC makes important remarks

Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court has made a big comment on not having sex with the spouse for a long time. The Allahabad High Court said that not allowing a spouse to have sex for a long period of time amounts to mental cruelty. On this basis, the court has given permission for divorce of the couple from Varanasi.

The same order has been given by the division bench of Justice Sunit Kumar and Justice Rajendra Kumar IV while accepting the appeal of Ravindra Pratap Yadav of Varanasi. The Family Court had rejected the application for divorce of the petitioner, which was challenged in the appeal. The petitioner Ravindra Pratap Yadav was married in 1979. After some time of marriage, his wife's behavior changed. She refused to live as his wife. Even after insistence, she remained away from her husband and mutual relations did not develop, while both lived under the same roof. After a few days the wife went to her maternal home. 

When the husband asked her to go home, she did not agree. In 1994, after paying alimony of Rs 22,000 in the village panchayat, there was a mutual divorce. The wife later remarried. The husband filed an application for divorce in the court, but she did not go to the court. The family court rejected the husband's divorce petition. The Allahabad High Court said that after the marriage, the husband and wife lived separately for a long time, there was no respect for the marriage bond for the wife, she refused to discharge her obligations.

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