Not only Sabarimala, but women also cannot even go to these temples
Not only  Sabarimala, but women also cannot even go to these temples

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has given another verdict in the favour of women. For many years women were barred from going to Sabarimala temple in Kerala but now it has been decided that a woman of every age can enter the temple and they have got the right to worship like men. Not only Sabarimala of Kerala, but there are also many such temples in a country where women are not allowed. Today we are going to tell you about many such temples-

Kamakhya Temple

This temple is situated on the hills of Nilanjan in the west of Guwahati, the capital of India's northeastern state of Assam. In the sanctorum of this temple, the statue of a woman's vagina is placed. Every year there is a four-day fair will be held that is called 'Ambubachi Mela' in this temple. The fair of these four days celebrates a festival of women menstruation cycle. This festival is celebrated for women, but if women are having Periods then they are not allowed to come here.

Shani Singapur

This temple is in a small village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The special thing is that here too women are barred. A widespread story that there is neither lock in anybody’s house nor any incident of theft occurs because this is a Shani Devi black idol that protects all. But a group of women suddenly entered Shani Shigamanpur on the occasion of Republic Day and demanded that they should be allowed to enter and worship within the temple premises. It is believed that when the women come closer to black idol God starts leaving 'harmful waves' due to which their entry is prohibited.

Besides these two Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala, Kartikeya Temple in Pushkar,Bhavani Diksha Mandapam in Vijayawada are the  shrine places where men go but women cannot go.


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