Not only amla, its seeds also give shocking benefits, from hiccups to constipation.
Not only amla, its seeds also give shocking benefits, from hiccups to constipation.

Eating amla (Indian Gooseberry) in winter is very beneficial for health. In fact, it is astringent in taste, but is no less than a treasure for health. Amla keeps everything from increasing immunity to stomach problems and also makes skin and hair healthy. But did you know that amla seed also works to protect against dozens of diseases? Now today we are going to tell you the health benefits of amla seeds. Amla seeds contain many nutrients like potassium, calcium, vitamin B complex, carotene, iron and fiber. Yes, and if you dry it in the sun for a few days and powder it and drink it with water, you can benefit from many health problems. Now we tell you the benefits.

Skin problems are far away - You can use amla kernelify if you have been suffering from skin problems like ringworm, itching and itching for a long time. In fact, it solves these problems and makes the skin problem free. For this, grind dry amla kernel in coconut oil and make a paste. Then apply this paste on the affected area. Doing so provides relief in skin related diseases.

Remove constipation - Amla seeds can be beneficial for you if you are suffering from old constipation. To get relief from constipation, grind amla kernel and make a powder of it. You can then consume this powder with warm water.

Stop hiccups - If suddenly there are sharp hiccups, you can make amla kernel powder and consume it with honey to get relief.

Nose bleeds stop - Many people around the world have the problem of nose bleeds. If you want to avoid this problem, grind the amla kernel in water and make a paste of it. Then apply this paste on your forehead and lie down straight.

Beneficial for eyes - It is beneficial to grind amla seeds and apply it above and below the eyes when you complain of itching, irritation, redness in the eyes. Yes, and in addition, putting one or two drops of amla juice in the eye also relieves eye pain.

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