Noted Malayalam Film Director Siddique no more
Noted Malayalam Film Director Siddique no more

KOCHI: Siddique, a Popular director in the Mollywood industry, breathed his last while receiving medical care at a private hospital in Kochi on Tuesday. At the age of 68, he leaves behind his wife Sajitha and three daughters: Saumya, Sara, and Sukoon. His body will be placed at the Indoor Stadium in Kadavanthra from 9 am to 11.30 am on Wednesday, allowing the public to pay their respects. The funeral is scheduled for 6 pm on Wednesday at the Ernakulam Central Juma Masjid

Siddique, born in 1955 as the son of Ismayil Rawther and Sainaba of ‘Sainabas’ at Kaloor in Ernakulam,  is a prominent figure in the Malayalam film industry, also known as Mollywood. He is a highly respected director who has made significant contributions to the industry through his thought-provoking and entertaining films. Born on October 1, 1960, in Edavanakkad, Kerala, India, Siddique's full name is Siddique Dheewarakath.

Early Career: Siddique began his journey in the film industry as a screenwriter. He made his screenwriting debut with the 1985 Malayalam film "Ramji Rao Speaking," which was a massive hit and introduced the concept of a non-linear narrative to the Malayalam cinema. The film's success paved the way for Siddique's further involvement in the industry.

Directorial Debut: In 1993, Siddique made his directorial debut with the film "Godfather," which starred superstar Mammootty in the lead role. The film received positive reviews and showcased Siddique's knack for storytelling and direction. However, it was his second directorial venture that truly catapulted him to fame.

"Ramji Rao Speaking" and Beyond: Siddique's second film as a director was a remake of his own earlier screenplay, "Ramji Rao Speaking." The film, titled "Ramji Rao Speaking Again," was released in 1995 and became a blockbuster, further solidifying his position as a successful filmmaker. The movie's witty humor and engaging narrative struck a chord with the audience.

Collaboration with Lal: Siddique's partnership with actor Lal (Innocent Vareed Thekkethala) is legendary in Mollywood. Together, they formed the successful director-actor duo Siddique-Lal, and their collaborations have given birth to several iconic films. Some of their notable collaborations include "In Harihar Nagar" (1990), "Vietnam Colony" (1992), "Godfather" (1993), "Hitler" (1996), and "Friends" (1999). These films not only achieved commercial success but also left an indelible mark on Malayalam cinema.

Notable Films: Apart from his collaborations with Lal, Siddique has directed numerous other successful films. Some of his noteworthy works include:

"Meesa Madhavan" (2002): A comedy-drama that became a cult classic and starred Dileep in the lead role.

"Chronic Bachelor" (2003): A romantic drama that struck a chord with the younger audience.

"Bodyguard" (2010): A film that showcased Siddique's directorial prowess in handling action-packed narratives.

Recognition and Awards: Siddique's contributions to Malayalam cinema have earned him recognition and accolades. He has been awarded the Kerala State Film Award for Second Best Film for "Meesa Madhavan." His films have also enjoyed commercial success and critical acclaim, making him one of the most celebrated directors in Mollywood.

Siddique's impact on Malayalam cinema extends beyond his films. His unique storytelling style, ability to blend humor with social commentary, and his knack for creating memorable characters have left an indelible mark on the industry. He continues to inspire aspiring filmmakers and remains a respected figure in the world of Mollywood.

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