Big news: Salman was hit 10-15 times with a knife, is on ventilator
Big news: Salman was hit 10-15 times with a knife, is on ventilator

Writer Salman Rushdie has been attacked at an event in New York, USA. It is being told that he has been stabbed and injured in Chautaukka near Buffalo. After this attack, he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. According to the news received, Salman Rushdie has been kept on a ventilator in the hospital. At the same time, one of his eyes can go after surgery. Rushdie's agent Andrew Wylie said he was unable to speak. In fact, Salman Rushdie can lose one of his eyes after surgery and apart from this, the veins of his hand also burst. It is being said that his liver has also been damaged in the attack with a knife by the attacker.

On the other hand, after the Governor of New York, now the statement of the police has also come on this incident. New York police say the suspect has been identified as Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old from New Jersey. Rushdie was admitted to the hospital after being stabbed in the neck and abdomen and is currently undergoing treatment. Apart from this, the police also told that the incident that happened in Chautauqua has never happened in our nearly 150-year history. Our job right now is to remain a resource for Salman Rushdie's family.

We are working with the FBI to understand the purpose of this attack. You know Salman Rushdie's life has been quite controversial. He has been receiving death threats since 1989. The author was fatally attacked while going on stage for the CHQ 2022 event before delivering a lecture last Friday morning. At the same time, New York Police say that a suspect reached the stage before the author's lecture and fatally attacked him.

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