Now, your eyes can answer is it love or lust?
Now, your eyes can answer is it love or lust?

One of the most confusing questions for many - whether it is love or just lust? A more scientific way has come through which says that the person's eyes can tell it all. This shouldn't come as a surprise when we know how important a role eyes can play when it comes to illuminating our emotions.

One of the studies, published in the journal of Psychological Science, has given a marker which can easily differentiate between romantic love and sexual desire, a method you can easily set out the next time you are confused about someone's emotions. Below are the results of the study.  


The study accomplished that if the person is looking to your face than the possibility of love is higher and if the person is looking towards the person’s  body more than it is the highest chance of lust.


In the study, the team performed two experiments in order to test participants' visual patterns to evaluate the two emotional and cognitive states — romantic love and sexual desire. In the two experiments, candidates included male and female students from the University of Geneva.


In the first experiment, students were asked to look at a set of black and white photographs of heterosexual couples they had never met who were talking to each other or looking at each other.


In another one, they were shown photographs of individuals who were looking directly at the camera. However, the photos were not erotic or sexual in nature.


There wasn't much difference in the time it took participants to identify both the feelings. The study results that our brains are very quick to process both the feelings, love and lust.


When the candidates said that they were interested romantically towards someone, their gaze was fixated on their face. However, if they were provoked sexually, their gaze moved from the face to the rest of the body. This was true for both male and female members.


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