'Now 'Abdul' will do mopping at BJP's house..,' why did Azam Khan say this for Muslims?

Lucknow: The by-election to the Rampur assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh is going on in full swing these days. The by-election is being held after 10-time MLA Azam Khan was disqualified from here and barred from contesting elections. Even though Azam Khan has not entered this election as a candidate, he is the biggest factor in the election. Meanwhile, the government's evil eyes are on Azam Khan, so his supporters are also seen leaving. Azam Khan has taken a dig at leaving with these supporters and called them traitors.

Azam Khan has said that the results of the Rampur assembly by-election will be announced on December 9. After this, 'Abdul' will do mopping at BJP's house. Azam Khan said this while addressing an election meeting at Nalapar in Rampur on Monday (November 28) night. Azam Khan has said that Abdul (Muslim section) will not lay the carpet now and by saying this, he left me.  

Azam Khan said that when Abdul came, I had laid a 'red carpet' for him. After December 8, Abdul will mop for them (BJP). Not only this, Azam Khan has described those who go with the BJP as corrupt and traitors. Azam Khan said, "All the traitors who were there are gone, and now only loyal remain.''

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