Now, Bikers Can Be Protected by Lord Shri Ram with the Launch of SBH-34 Helmet by This Company
Now, Bikers Can Be Protected by Lord Shri Ram with the Launch of SBH-34 Helmet by This Company

In a celebratory event marking the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya today, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited, one of the world's largest helmet manufacturers, unveiled the Jay Shri Ram Edition SBH-34 helmet. According to Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited, this special edition helmet is launched in honor of the cultural significance of the event, combining ultra-modern technology with spirituality.

The SBH-34 Jay Shri Ram Edition is available in two exquisite colors - Glossy Black with Bold Saffron and Glossy Orange with Black details. The distinctive look and design of this saffron-colored helmet, inspired by Lord Ram and the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, make it truly unique. Rajeev Kapoor, Managing Director of Steelbird, stated that this helmet is not just a product but a symbol of our cultural traditions. The images of Lord Ram and the Ayodhya-based Ram Temple on the helmet's shell signify deep reverence. The helmet is designed for both enhanced safety and comfort, featuring a thermoplastic shell and high-density EPS for maximum impact resistance on the road.

The Polycarbonate (PC) anti-scratch coated visor and back reflector improve rider safety with better visibility. The helmet also includes an instant release buckle for easy and secure fastening. Additionally, the inner sun shield provides complete eye protection, safeguarding the rider's eyes from harsh sunlight and changing weather conditions. The Shri Ram Edition helmet is available in two sizes - Medium (580 mm) and Large (600 mm), priced at an introductory offer of ₹1349.

Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited aims to blend spiritual significance with cutting-edge technology through this special edition helmet, paying homage to the cultural heritage associated with the Ayodhya event.

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