ultimate reality of iit bombay placement report
ultimate reality of iit bombay placement report

Amidst recent concerns raised over the employment rates of students at IIT Bombay, the institution has responded by sharing insights from its exit survey report for the academic year 2022-23. The report sheds light on the employment status and career choices of graduating students, providing a more nuanced perspective on the matter. Initial reports suggesting that a significant portion of IIT Bombay students were left without job placements had sparked discussions across social media platforms, with some questioning the broader implications for the country's employment landscape.

According to the findings of the survey, only 6.1 percent of graduating students from IIT Bombay are actively seeking employment opportunities. This figure stands in stark contrast to earlier reports indicating a much higher percentage of students without job placements. The discrepancy underscores the importance of examining comprehensive data sets to gain a more accurate understanding of the situation. Delving deeper into the exit survey report, IIT Bombay provided a detailed breakdown of the career paths chosen by graduating students. The data revealed that a significant majority, accounting for 57.1 percent of the current batch, secured employment during college placements. This reflects the success of the institute's placement efforts and highlights the competitiveness of its graduates in the job market.

Furthermore, the report indicated that a notable portion of students, comprising 12.2 percent, opted to pursue higher studies, demonstrating a commitment to further academic and intellectual pursuits. Additionally, 10.3 percent of students secured job opportunities outside of the traditional placement process facilitated by IIT Bombay. By sharing these insights from the exit survey report, IIT Bombay aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding the employment outcomes of its students. The data presented not only dispels misconceptions but also underscores the institution's commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic learning environment that empowers students to pursue their chosen career paths with confidence. Moving forward, IIT Bombay remains dedicated to supporting its students in achieving their professional aspirations, whether through traditional employment opportunities, further academic pursuits, or entrepreneurial endeavors.


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