Now robots will also be able to produce children

American experts who created the world's first 'living robot' say robots can now breed. 'Living Robot' is known as Zenobots. Experts have created the world's first 'living, self-healing' robot using stem cells of African frogs. The Zenobots were first brought to the fore in 2020. They are very subtle in size. Experiments then showed that they ('living robots') could run, work together in groups, fix themselves (self-treatment) and live for weeks without food.

What did the expert claim?
Now scientists who have built Xenobots at Vermont University, Tfts University and Harvard University's Voice Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering have said that they have found a completely new form of biological reproduction apart from animals or trees. This form is completely different from any form known to science.

What is 'Live Robot'?
In fact, it is an updated version of the robot Xenobots biological robot, which was unveiled last year. This living robot has been developed by scientists from frog cells. This very small robot can do many things together. The robot is said to be able to form its 'body' by connecting several single cells. According to scientists, frog cells form a body like humans. They act as a system. To make Xenobots, experts scraped living stem cells from the frog's embryo and left them to incubator. Josh Bogard, professor of computer science and robotics, said, "Most people consider robots to be made of metal and ceramics, but that's not all. This robot is an organism made up of genetically unchanged frog cells. "

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