Now, the 'Drop And Go' facility comes up at Srinagar airport

SRINAGAR: In a bid to address long-standing grievances of passengers about delays and hassles, the Airport Authority of India has introduced a 'drop and go' facility at the entry to the Srinagar international airport.

The facility, which is free of charge, would allow a traveller to park their car at the drop gate, put their luggage right up for X-ray screening, and then board one of the e-carts waiting there, said the airport director.

He pointed out that the lengthy process of vehicle inspection, baggage inspection, and personal frisking causes delays for travellers trying to enter the airport. "Hassles are getting so bad that we frequently have to tell the travellers to arrive at the airport four hours early in order to catch their flights.

As there are frequent reports that people are still missing their flights despite such safeguards, "We've added a 'Drop and Go' facility near the airport's entrance. "Our honourable passengers can leave their cars at the drop gate, and the cars can travel back to the city," he stated, adding, "The passengers will then immediately put their bags through X-ray, and after screening, they can board our e-carts stationed at Drop Gate.

"Passengers can also avail of paid porter service if they so desire. These comfortable, eco-friendly, battery-operated e-carts will pick the passengers to the terminal building with their baggage.

"This facility is complimentary, and there are no fees associated with using this service for our esteemed passengers."Passengers can head to the check-in desks at the terminal building to complete the check-in procedure. With the addition of this facility, 40% to 50% of passengers will use it, which will significantly minimise delays at the Drop Gate.Arriving travellers can also utilise this amenity.

The arrival exit is where travellers arriving in Srinagar can board these e-carts and ride them till they reach the Drop Gate. They can get into their cars and leave for home at Drop Gate."Four ultra-modern, environmentally friendly e-carts are being brought to the facility on an experimental basis."If we get a good response, we will further increase the number of carts. "We invite our passengers to utilizse this facility to maximum extent so as to make it a grand success," the airport director told some reporters.

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