Now the electric scooter with features like a car worth Rs.1 lakh will run on the roads
Now the electric scooter with features like a car worth Rs.1 lakh will run on the roads

Two electric scooters were launched in June 2018. The company had given them names as Ather 340 and 450 scooters with a 3-year battery warranty. And most importantly, that you can travel as many distances you want after charge. This scooter, named Ather 340 and 450, has been built by Bangalore-based Startup Ather Energy. At present, the company has handed over some of its selected customers to the production plant in Bangalore. Talk about looks, both scooters have a lot of similarities in view but there is a difference between them regarding the engine and technical form. There is a green sticker on the wheel of the Ather 450, which separates it from Ather 340. 

In the scooter, the company has used Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) and a Battery Management System. The speed of this scooter launched is 80 kilometers per hour. The top of the pick-up is also the case. Once full charge, these scooters can travel up to 75 km. It takes just 3.9 seconds to catch the speed of 0 to 40km / h.

The reverse feature is also included in these scooters. With the help of which you can run the scooters in the rear direction. Maximum speed during reverse is limited to 5 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, the scooter has also been used in the air update feature, with the help of which the company can send updates to the scooter software from time to time. 

The scooter is fully equipped with modern features. These include a 7-inch touch screen instrument cluster, as well as facilities such as navigation assistants, smartphone connectivity, parking assists, charging point tractors.

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