Now you can port your mobile number within 24 hours

You will now be able to port your mobile number quickly. That is, if you do not like the services of your existing mobile company, then you can take the services of another company without changing your number. Telecom Regulator TRAI is going to issue new rules for mobile number portability (MNP) next week. After this, the consumers will be able to port their mobile number within 24 hours.
Now post-paid mobile users take 8-10 days in number porting. About 70 lakh people are porting numbers each month. Telecom operators reject the demand for mobile number porting for various reasons. Most of the demands are rejected due to balance and wrong porting code. Customers complained to TRAI about this.
TRAI reduced the number of mobile number portability (MNP) on January 31, 2018, to about 79%. Where the first customers had to pay 19 rupees for the number portability, the maximum charge was now Rs 4. Mobile number portability or MNP is the system in which a telecom company's customer can take the services of another telecom company without changing its existing mobile number.
Recently, the Department of Telecommunications took action on the use of the Internet. After this sanction, the same fee will be charged for any service on the internet. This government decision has given great relief to Indian mobile and internet users. Now there must be some questions in your mind about Net Neutrality. For example, when and where the debate started, on Net Nutrition, etc.
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