Now online payment even without smartphone and internet is possible, just have to do this work

In a country like India, at present, about 40 crore people use feature phones. That means these people don't have internet access. They are also not using smartphones. To connect all such people with the online payment facility, a facility named UPI123Pay has been introduced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This will make it even easier to make online transactions without the internet and smartphone. It is said to be a 24*7 helpline facility. This is expected to greatly benefit users living in rural areas.

What will be the documents of online payment required- For online transactions from feature phones, it has become necessary to link the bank account with the feature phone. The consumer has to generate his UPI PIN through the details of his debit card. After which you will be able to make the payment.

Know the full process- A feature phone user will have to call the IVR number 08045163666 first. Give your bank account details through which you have to create a UPI ID.  You will be asked to set the PIN. After which you will have to enter the OTP on your registered mobile number.

It becomes mandatory to set a pin of numbers 4 to 6.
After which you are going to get options like money transfer, LPG gas refill, FASTag recharge, mobile recharge, EMI repayment and balance check.  
If you have to send money to someone, you have to select the money transfer option.
Now it is mandatory for you to select the number of the person from the contact list to whom you have to send the money.
Now you have to enter the amount and UPI PIN. With this, the transaction will be completed. In the same way, any shopkeeper will be paid.

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