'Nudity' is beyond comprehension of Jimmy Shergill on OTT
'Nudity' is beyond comprehension of Jimmy Shergill on OTT

Since the Corona period, the OTT platform has been rapidly beating the big screen world. Neither waiting for the release of films at the box office now nor the hassle of not getting work in Bollywood. But one thing that is common in both these mediums is the concept of nudity. The custom of showing nude scenes on screen is increasing over time and every day. OTT so it has more freedom. Actor Jimmy Shergill has given his opinion this time. The actor says that he has made only a few rules for himself to choose any project. According to Jimmy Shergill, he likes to do roles that are in universal demand, and many families can sit together and watch the content.  He may also be eyeing such content on OTT projects.

'Nudity' incomprehensible: Jimmy Shergill: According to media reports, Jimmy has said that he likes to pick up things that enable him to feel a connection. Tomorrow, if I get an opportunity to do the top comedy series, I would definitely like to do it as long as it is universally in demand. If more and more people are going to see him, relate to him, I really want to do that. I always keep this thing in my mind.

The actor further said that abuse language and nudity have become common these days. Shergill has said, 'Nudity and in all this, I can't be comfortable. Unless there is a demand for the story, there is not going to be a scene to do anything like that. In fact, it's going to depend on the character I'm playing. So yes is going to be done. But this is not right just to capture a kind of audience. I don't understand that case in movies or understand it here on OTT.'

Jimmy Shergill has so far presented one to one of the best content to audiences. The actor has also worked in Rangbaaz, and Honor Seasons 1 and 2. Jimmy Shergill started his movie career with the 1996 thriller Maachis. The blockbuster musical romantic film Mohabbatein was released in the year 2000. Jimmy was loved by the audience in this movie.

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