Nuh's Cyber Crime Woes: Khalid and Akil's Arrest Sheds Light on Persistent Fraud Issues
Nuh's Cyber Crime Woes: Khalid and Akil's Arrest Sheds Light on Persistent Fraud Issues

Nuh: In a recent development, authorities in Nuh district, Haryana, arrested two criminals for impersonating a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and scamming a former sarpanch out of ₹95,000. The incident occurred in Rithath village.

The accused, identified as Khalid and his accomplice Akil, targeted victim Dilbagh by making fraudulent calls. Khalid posed as 'DSP Shamsher,' an acquaintance of Dilbagh. Exploiting Dilbagh's lack of recent contact with the real DSP Shamsher, Khalid used the officer's image as his WhatsApp display picture. The victim, relying on this visual cue and the identification provided by the TrueCaller application, believed Khalid's ruse.

Continuing the deception, Khalid called Dilbagh the next day, fabricating a story of urgent need arising from a family problem. Posing as 'DSP Shamsher,' Khalid provided a bank account number and persuaded Dilbagh to transfer ₹95,000 to it via his brother's PhonePe account. Dilbagh realized he had been scammed only when Khalid demanded more money in a subsequent call.

Promptly filing a complaint with the Nuh Cyber police station, Dilbagh's action led to swift police intervention. The authorities set a trap and apprehended Khalid and Akil on Saturday.

While Khalid is in police custody for one day, his accomplice Akil has been remanded to judicial custody. It has emerged that the duo has a history of cheating sarpanches and former sarpanches in and around Nuh by impersonating DSP Shamsher.

Khalid's criminal record includes involvement in the Nuh violence of July 2023, during which he attacked the cyber police station and instigated unrest at Adabar Chowk.

Nuh District's Cyber Crime Troubles

Nuh has gained infamy as a hub for cybercrime, earning comparisons to 'new Jamtara,' a reference to the small Jharkhand town notorious for online frauds. Recent incidents include the busting of a sextortion racket by Nuh Police's Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) team in November.

Earlier, an Islamist mob targeted the cyber police station in a pre-planned attack during the Nuh violence of July 31, 2023. The mob, using a hijacked bus, ransacked the station to destroy evidence of cyber fraud. The attack aimed to erase crucial evidence collected by the police in their fight against cybercrime.

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