Nutmeg helps to remove bones pain

Dec 06 2018 01:20 PM
Nutmeg helps to remove bones pain

In today's times, most people like to eat out of nutritious food and roast more and more spicy food. Due to the lack of a nutritious diet, gradually decreases calcium in the body. Due to lack of calcium in the body, pain in the bones occurs. People get rid of the pain of bone, using a variety of pen killers. But these pen killers are very harmful for our health. By consuming these, our body can have many side effects. Today, we are going to tell you about something that you can get rid of bone pain.  
Nutmeg is very favourable for our health. There are abundant elements such as phosphorus and calcium. Those who consume it daily then their bones become stronger. Grind nutmeg and make powder. Now mixing a glass warm water in nutmeg powder  and take it in the empty stomach daily. By consuming it every day your bones will get stronger and you will get relief from all types of joint pain. By consuming nutmeg daily, problems of digestion such as caffeine and acidity can also be overcome.


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