Nutritionist Sonia Kapahi enlightens the importance of consuming a healthy diet
Nutritionist Sonia Kapahi enlightens the importance of consuming a healthy diet

Fitness is not just a hobby, but a way of lifestyle. When we say fitness, many have a notion that it is all about physical health. However, it is more about staying fit across all levels. Paying attention to holistic well-being, dietician and nutritionist Sonia Kapahi has been imparting her knowledge about why a healthy lifestyle is important in the long run. According to Sonia, sustainable health is an investment one must make to enjoy better returns in the years to come.  

Explaining it in simple terms, the nutritionist says that what fuel does to the automobile, healthy nutrition does to the human body. Therefore, she ensures that her clients have better nutrition coupled with a disciplined workout regime. Sonia Kapahi not just provides customized diet plans but she even conducts workout sessions for her clients. And in a time where digitalization is growing radically, the dietician is doing virtual counselling sessions thereby urging people to stay fit and healthy. 

Be it weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, PCOD, PCOS, diabetes or other body issues; Sonia knows how to tackle internal body issues brilliantly. “It is all about what you feed in your human body. If you consume oily and junk food, it creates an unhealthy and lethargic lifestyle pattern giving birth to diseases. On the other hand, a diet filled with protein, green veggies and vitamins keeps a human body active and healthy from within”, says Sonia.  

Changing lives with simple yet easy to follow nutrition plans, Sonia Kapahi has been inspiring many people, and her experience of more than six years justifies the same. Moreover, the dietician also conducts yoga classes for people of all age groups. Speaking about boosting the overall health, Sonia said, “You must train your mind first before you think of training your body. You can have a healthy body only when you have a healthy mindset.” 

With a client base from India, the nutritionist has got clients from other countries like Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. So far, she has transformed the lives of more than a thousand clients from all over the world. Lastly, the dietician is much more inclined towards bringing a change in women’s lives, and ‘MissionFemaleFit’ is something that she is attached to.

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