NZ vs Pakistan test match will not be abandoned due to Earthquake
NZ vs Pakistan test match will not be abandoned due to Earthquake

Some of the cricket watching peeps might wonder what happened at such sight, But safety is first for people rather than the match going on even after a sudden upsurge in face of an earthquake in the south inland town of Kaikoura, 180 km near Christchurch, A place where 1st of the 2 test match between Pakistan and New Zealand was set to begin on 17tof November indeed. The official agencies reported that the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the land of Kiwi hit Kaikoura on GMT time Sunday according to the international timing, Thus this 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook everybody around the zone which also included cricketers of Pakistan’s team, Yet they are safe and only felt shocked and stunning experience once this heavy earthquake had passed on.

People also suggested that the impact was too severe to look forward in this earthquake in New Zealand, which not only affected daily duties of common men, but some of them had to face severe blows due to the impact of the same. Meanwhile, The people across the globe prayed for the cricketers who were about to start the 1st test match, But There has also been assurance from the board that the match will continue further on with some delay in the same city; Meanwhile, The people are advised to go into heights or at better level of the buildings to make themselves secure. How far any natural calamity going to affect such circumstance is yet to be wondered aloud As the geologists also suggest that this earthquake could have caused the improper estimations in the country as well as it may have brought tsunami, Thus It was due to great plays from all over the world that Tsunami hasn't arrived in New Zealand after passing of this earthquake.

An official information has been released by the agencies around the land of Kiwi that another small earthquake might have affected the road to equal substantial mechanism in Kaikoura later on in the evening, But there will surely be some delay in the implementation of the cricket match, But the safety and mechanism on the way now and the life is back on track, As New Zealand prepare to perform better in their home against Pakistan after horrible memories of white wash from India; We hope for the sustenance to those who faced blows in face of common men and thus Cricket continues back on track as life comes back on track too in New Zealand...

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