This artist made a statue of Lord Jagannath with matchsticks
This artist made a statue of Lord Jagannath with matchsticks

Everyone wants to see Lord Jagannath. Everyone wants to see him but some people have special attachment with him. They include an artist from Puri, Odisha who has sculpted Lord Jagannath with matchsticks. Yes, we are talking about the artist Saswat Ranjan Sahu. He has prepared this idol with a total of 3,635 matchsticks which is very attractive.

He told that it took him a total of 11 days to prepare this idol and after that his hard work paid off. At this time his artwork is going viral on social media and has also become a part of discussions. Talking about his artwork from a website, Ranjan said, “I have made a special prayer to Lord Jagannath to stop the COVID-19 epidemic from our lives. Many people are not able to visit Lord Jagannath temple due to the state of the epidemic. Therefore, I decided to make this idol so that people could pray to God through my artwork. ”Ranjan said that he has used matches to make this idol. By the way, Ranjan has not done this for the first time, but he has also made idols from West Material many times before.

Let us tell you that Jagannath Temple is in Puri, Odisha. Where there is a crowd of devotees all the time. At this time people are not getting Darshan due to Corona virus epidemic .

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