The family of this person thought the dead was a grave, but something happened
The family of this person thought the dead was a grave, but something happened

Have you ever heard that a person is alive, but still his grave has been made? Probably not, but a similar shocking case has surfaced in Scotland. There is a place called Tayside, where 75-year-old man Alan Hettel, who lives, got to see his own grave. Alan was not in contact with anyone for the last four months. Neither he used to call anyone nor did he call anyone. No one came to meet him in these four months. Troubled by this, one day when he tried to find out why it is so that no one is trying to contact him, it came to know that the family members declared him dead and his tomb has been made in the cemetery. Knowing this, Alan was shocked.

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According to media reports, when Alan arrived at the cemetery where he saw his grave was built. He was surprised to see that he had his tomb there and the name of his and his ex-wife on the stone above was written. Alan told that he had separated from his wife 26 years ago. Then his wife wanted both to be buried in the same place after death. He told that he is also seeing his own grave. There were rants because he wanted to be cremated after death, not to be buried. He says that this is not right, because this grave has ended his social life. People thought him dead. While he is alive and perfectly healthy.

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Alan is told by mischievous elements to be behind the construction of his grave. He says that his ex-wife must have been instigated by someone to do this strange act. However, during this time Alan also tried to know that who bought the land for his grave, but the local council says that buying land for grave booking is a very private matter and they can not give information about who bought the land for grave.

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