Olympus quits 84-year-old camera business

Jun 26 2020 03:20 PM
Olympus quits 84-year-old camera business

Renowned Japanese company Olympus has sold its camera business. The company was making cameras since the year 1936. By closing the 84-year-old camera business, the company will now make medical imaging equipment. Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) bought the business from Olympus.

It is to be known that JIP had also bought VV computer business from Sony earlier. Olympus owned popular camera brands such as Juico and OM-D. In the case, Olympus said that it made every effort to remain in the digital camera market, but the company could not succeed. The camera business was a small part of Olympus' entire business even before. Along with this, the company also said that with the continuous improvement in the technology of smartphones, the market of cameras is constantly decreasing. Olympus had been incurring losses in the camera business for the last three years, which the company was bridging the camera business for the last three years. Now the company has stopped it.

For your information,ley us tell you that Olympus launched Juico Perlcoder, the world's first micro cassette tape recorder. Now the company will focus its attention on making medical equipment such as endoscopes. The same, in 1975, an engineer named Steven Sasson of Eastman Kodak attempted to make the world's first digital camera. Steven Sasson's camera was previously recognized as a digital stan snapper. The weight of the camera was about four kilograms. Black and white photos were taken in this camera. The resolution of the camera was 0.01 mega pixels.

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