Video: 6 feet long python entered the sewer created chaos, see how the rescue was done

Chandigarh: Panic broke out in Panchkula district of Haryana when a 6 feet long python entered into a sewer. Meanwhile, the video of a python coming out of a sewer in a residential area of the district has started going viral on social media. There was an outcry when the python was reported in the residential area of Sector 28 of Panchkula and then a municipal snake catcher team was called to the spot by the locals.

The python was brought out of the sewerage after a hard fight by the municipal team.  After which the python has been released into the hilly area of Morni by the snake catcher team of municipal corporation Panchkula. The python is said to be about 6 feet long.

Video going viral on social media: While this video of the python catching is going viral on social media. This is not the first case of catching a python. Earlier also, cases of python snakes coming out have been heard in many sectors of Panchkula. In fact, wild animals always come to the city from the hilly area of Morni, studying near the city of Panchkula.  After which they are caught and released back there.

Not only that, in September, a python about 8 feet long had emerged in the Kent area of Chandi Temple in Panchkula district. As soon as they came to know about it, a team of snack catchers of the municipal corporation rushed to the spot and the python was overpowered after a hard fight. After which it was released into the forest of Morni.

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