Comedian's dead body found in hotel under suspicious circumstances

There has been a bad news from the Hollywood industry recently. Noted AMERICAN comedian Bob Saget, who brought joy to many faces, reportedly died under suspicious circumstances. The star passed away on Sunday night and his body has been seized from a Florida hotel room. Comedian Bob Saget breathed his last at the age of 65.

The cause of his death is currently being ascertained but the news of his death has come as a big blow to the Hollywood industry. According to a source close to him, the hotel staff were found unconscious in a room on Sunday evening. Where this was immediately reported to the police. In Florida, investigations are on to ascertain the cause of bob's death.

The local sheriff said in his official statement that nothing suspicious was found on the spot, which showed that Bob Saget had been forced to do so. No drug has been recovered from the hotel room. The news of Bob Saget's death has added to the gloom in Hollywood. Bob Saget received the most from the popular 'ABC' TV show 'Full House'. The show aired from 1887 to 1995. He played the role of Danny Taner on the show. This was followed by a sequel to the OTT Platform Netflix in 2016 called 'Fuller House'. In 2014, Bob Saget also launched a book called 'Dirty Daddy' in which he opened up about his life.

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