These 7 symptoms that appear in eyes can be a sign of Omicron

New revelations are taking place every day about the symptoms of omicron. Doctors say the first symptom of the new corona variant may begin to appear through the patient's eyes. Although new variant infected people are showing symptoms ranging from cough to diarrhoea, it can sometimes trigger eye problems that are common in other variants of the corona as well. The World Health Organization (WHO) has listed 'eye problems' as abnormal or low-visible symptoms.

It can include one or more eye symptoms. According to the report, pinkness in the eyes or swelling on the white part of the eye and the lining of the eyelid can be a symptom of omicron infection. At the same time, redness, irritation and pain in the eyes are also a sign of new variant infections. Blurred vision from the eyes, light sensitivity or watery eye can also be symptoms.

Let me tell you all that an analysis of a study published in June 2020 suggests that 5 per cent of eye problems in corona patients may be prone to conjunctivitis, but merely showing eye symptoms does not mean that you have an omicron infection. In fact, sometimes eye problems can be caused by other reasons. So consider other symptoms of covid as well. Let us also tell you that Indian researchers have considered eye symptoms rare in corona. In fact, it can be an early symptom of a person's infection and can be considered an early warning. On the other hand, some studies have increased the prevalence of eye symptoms.

A study also claims that 44 per cent of covid patients face eye problems compared to 35.8 per cent of healthy people. Symptoms such as eye-watering and light sensitivity are the most common. On the other hand, it is being said that out of 83 patients of Covid-19, 17 per cent felt eye irritation and 16 per cent felt eye pain. Along with recovering, the patient's eye condition can also improve.

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