'Omicron' raises concerns of the state, 21 new cases reported

Jaipur: The outbreak of corona's new variant omicron is on the rise in India. In Rajasthan, 21 cases of omicron have been reported today (Saturday). These include 11 from Jaipur, 6 from Ajmer, 3 from Udaipur. 5 positive patients had returned from foreign travel. Thus, the number of omicron infected patients in Rajasthan has gone up to 43. Jaipur has the highest number of 28 cases. On the other hand, the number of omicron patients in the country is beyond 400.

Apart from Rajasthan, the crisis of omicron has also increased considerably in Maharashtra. It has been a century of infected patients there. At present, the number of omicron infected cases in Maharashtra has reached 108, while in Delhi also, the number has gone up to 79. Now that the New Year is coming and there may be an atmosphere of celebration, many states have imposed night curfew. Some states have also banned the celebrations.

The growing crisis of the same omicron has added to the problem of the government as well as experts. 10 states have been identified in the country where the infection rate of Omicron and Corona has increased rapidly. In addition, the pace of corona vaccination is also slow here. The Centre has taken over the command of these states and central teams have been deployed here. These states include Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Mizoram, Karnataka, Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, and Punjab, where central health teams have been roped in to get rid of the omicron and coronaviruses, as well as monitor the ground reality of corona vaccination.

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