Omicron highly unpredictable, necessitate rigorous response: Scientists

According to scientists, the newly discovered Omicron form of coronavirus is "very unclear" and may necessitate a "quite rigorous reaction." As per the London experts, Omicron is "highly likely" to be able to "to some extent" evade immunity induced by past infection or vaccination. According to the BBC, the existing Delta strain is already more vaccine-resistant than the original virus identified in Wuhan.

While data on the variant is being collected and analysed, the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies in the UK recently stated that the government should begin planning immediately for a "possibly substantial" wave of illnesses. Booster vaccinations, according to the researchers, are likely to protect against severe disease, hospitalisation, and mortality from most variations in the short run.

Nonetheless, "Any considerable drop in infection defence could still result in a massive infection wave. This would result in a potentially high number of hospitalizations, despite the fact that protection from severe disease would be less affected "Scientists led by Sir Patrick Vallance, the government's chief scientific adviser, and Chris Whitty, the government's chief medical adviser, were quoted as saying.

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