Omicron India: 6 people omicron positive, panic from Delhi-Hyderabad to Jamnagar

The most dangerous variant of corona virus is said to be Omicran which has now hit India. Let me tell you that yesterday two people in the country have been found infected with omicron. In the meantime, the most important and worrying thing is that the delta variant, which killed thousands of people in the second wave, is many times more dangerous than it is. "Two omicron cases have come to light in Karnataka in India," says Luv Agarwal, joint secretary, health ministry. Both are infected men, aged 66 years and 46 years. '

On the other hand, it has been reported that a 66-year-old foreign national infected with omicron had come to Bengaluru on November 20 and returned to Dubai on November 27. Meanwhile, 24 people came in direct contact with him and 240 were secondary contacts. However, everyone has a corona test negative. However, concerns have been expressed about the other patient found in Galuru itself. In fact, he is a 46-year-old local doctor and has no travel history. It is being said that this person was found to be Omicron positive on 22 November, while 3 out of 13 primary contacts and 2 people out of 205 secondary contacts have been found positive.

The Karnataka government has said that 5 people who have come in contact with the other person are also omicron positive and there are still many patients under suspicion from Delhi-Hyderabad to Jamnagar. It can be said that the omicron figures in India have now started increasing and everyone needs to be alert.

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