Omicron variant reaches 89 countries, WHO warns

The World Health Organization recently said that the omicron variant of the coronavirus has reached 89 so far. In fact, the organization has recently reported that "It spreads faster than delta variants in places where community transmission levels are high. The organization says that the cases of omicrons are double in one and a half to three days. At present, concerns about omicron have increased around the world since the WHO's statement.

Last Friday, the UN agency also released a report on preparations to deal with Omicron (B.1.1.529). In fact, he said that given the current figures, there is an apprehension that Omicron will replace deltas in places where the infection is spreading at the community level (WHO on Omicron Variant). A report also revealed that 'Omicron has been detected in 89 countries till December 16. The more data is available, the more you will know about this variant. The WHO says current data shows that the omicron delta spreads faster than the variant.

In fact, it is spreading much faster in community-spreading countries than in the Delta and its cases double in one-and-a-half to three days. Let me also tell you that Omicron is making things uncontrollable in Britain and America. Meanwhile, restrictions have been tightened in Europe. At present, various European countries are putting strict restrictions in an attempt to avoid a possible new wave of Covid-19 arising out of omicrons. This has also led to protests from Paris to Barcelona. Meanwhile, ministers in France and Australia have been put on alert (Europe Covid-19 Restrictions) due to the rapid outbreak of the epidemic.

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