'Omicron will lead to new deadly variant...', WHO warns again

New Delhi: The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that rising cases of Omicron worldwide could lead to a new and more deadly variant. WHO said Omicron has spread badly all over the world, though earlier Omicron was considered less serious and it was also said that life was moving towards normal with this new variant. However, senior WHO emergency officer Catherine Smallwood has warned that the rising rate of infection could put the world in serious trouble if precautions are not taken.

Senior WHO emergency officer Catherine Smallwood said in an interview that it is broadcasting as fast as Omicron is growing. Therefore, it is also highly likely that it can give birth to a new and extremely deadly variant of the corona. While it has been found so far that the cause of death of Omicron patient is becoming less than that of delta variant, who can say what to do with the next variant?

Smallwood further said that more than 100 million corona virus cases have been registered in Europe since the onset of the epidemic and what is alarming is that more than 5 million (5million) new cases were registered in the last week of 2021 itself. He said, "We are at a very dangerous stage, we are seeing a huge increase in the transition rate in Western Europe and the full impact is not yet clear. "

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