VIDEO: Car swerves to save monkey skids and falls off-road in Shimla

A large spectrum of videos have gone viral in recent years. Recently, a video has also blown people's minds. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is the location of the video. This is a terrifying vehicle crash video. A monkey is claimed to have been the cause of the event. In reality, the automobile crashed many feet down the road in an attempt to save the monkey. The entire incident's footage is now becoming viral on social media. The footage clearly shows the car falling off the high road and landing several feet down in the parking lot.


The incident occurred when a monkey ran in front of the car, and the man driving to save him lost control of the vehicle. The tragic occurrence was captured on CCTV, and the video of the incident has shocked many people. The car can be seen sliding into the parking area of Hotel Himland in Shimla and destroying the roadside barrier in the video. The video clearly shows two onlookers running to help those trapped in the car during the tragedy.

In no time, a crowd of people gathers there to evacuate those trapped in the car. It is said that after a lot of hard work, people were able to straighten the car and evacuate the people trapped in it. According to the information received, three persons from the same family including a 4-year-old boy were in the car. The best part was that no one was seriously injured in the accident, all the children survived.

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