On gunpoint, a man did this with a 16-year-old girl
On gunpoint, a man did this with a 16-year-old girl

A shocking crime case has emerged from Meerut. In this case, a class 11 student has been raped in the Kharoda area of the district. According to the reports, when the victim's family reached the house of accused, then he beat t the victim's father and brother. Let all of you know that homologous of the information found, a few rural tractor-trolleys who had reached the SSP office last Thursday afternoon and reached out to the villagers, the 16-year-old girl told SSP Nitin Tiwari that she is a class 11 student at a local school.

In this case last Tuesday night, she had gone to a nearby grocery store to take the sugar and now it is alleged that on her way back, the young man named Sajid, who lived in the neighborhood, pulled her into his house by showing pistol and the accused raped the victim. After that, the crying student returned to her family to inform about the incident and stirred her up. In the case, the schoolgirl alleged that her family had reached the house of the accused, and accused family attacked them with sharp weapons.

Let all of you know that the father and brother of the schoolgirl were seriously injured in the attack, who were admitted to hospital. At present, the SSP has ordered the police to act expeditiously.

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