Central government ignores interest of bank employees, sat on strike
Central government ignores interest of bank employees, sat on strike

A two-day nationwide bank strike will be performed under the banner of United Forum of Bank Unions. In the meantime, the officials will press the press and will give information about the movement. In this strike, the backmen will gather in front of the PNB on Ranipur turn on Friday and this demonstration will be gathered by the officials of the bank unions in front of the Oriental Bank of Commerce on Ranipur turn on Thursday at 2.30 pm. Taking a dig at the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister, District Convenor Rajkumar Saxena said that with the implementation of all the schemes of the Central Government, they work to distribute the salaries of the employees, but their interests are being ignored.

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Now on the dogma of the central government, on January 31 and February 1, two days will be on strike in banks, so that they can be informed about our interests. Union State President NB Kapoor told in a press conference after the demonstration that even after the strike of 31 January and 1 February, the central government was ignoring their demands. If this is not taken care of, they will strike again on March 11, 12, 13 in March. After this, the indefinite strike will also go on from April 1.

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It was also informed that Saturday and Sunday holidays as well as 5-day banking, merger of special allowances with basic pay, ending the new pension scheme, old implementation, improvement in family pension, allocation of employee welfare coaches on the basis of operational benefits, Exemption from income tax on retirement benefits without limitation, uniform scheduling of branches, business hours, lunch break, etc., start of holiday bank, marks for officers. Issues like demanding working hours, equal pay for equal work for contract employees etc. have been raised. In this strike, they are going to raise many issues. In which their remuneration, set deadline retirement, other matters will be raised on which the government should take action. The main purpose of this 2-day strike today and tomorrow is to bring the government's attention to all these subjects.

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