On the bite of these insects in monsoon do these measures, help to prevent infection

Jun 24 2019 06:50 PM
On the bite of these insects in monsoon do these measures, help to prevent infection

Small organisms are something that causes a lot of trouble to us by biting them. There may also be small organisms, maize or mosquitoes that are often harvested during rainy seasons. Animal bites cause many problems during monsoon days. If they are not treated at the right time, the problems appear to be on the rise. So today we're going to give you some tips that you can take and get relief from it.

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A flies and mosquitos
The best way to avoid the mosquitos and spider and the fly is to protect the house and yourself from it. Keep the doors of the rainy gauze always closed. Keep children and yourself completely covered. If the child goes out to play, apply a cream that protects you from the files. Use mosquito repellnt etc., while sleeping at night.

ant or bee
On rainy days, the ants appear to be very high and fly during this season, if the ant or the bee has stung during this season, then apply lime to any of the mint items in the house like toothpaste, etc. In addition, you can also apply onion juice if you wish.

On insect bites
Insects also have rain-breeding season. At this time, they don't harm anyone if someone accidentally bites a rainy worm, you can get instant relief from some effective measures. Rainy worm cuts cause their sting to remain inside, causing itching, burning, or swelling. Grind some camphor in cow's ghee at the harvested spot. Swell him for a while in a stinging place.

snakebite on
Well, 90 per cent of snakes are not poisonous. Then we can't anticipate their poison. If someone bites a snake, be patient. First of all, tie the snake bite with a cloth or a cord on both sides so that the blood flow slows down and the poison does not spread. Then mix about 1 g of the fitt in 50 grams of native ghee and mix well. Apply it to the snake bite site, which will poison it.

Spider walking
The spider bites very rarely, but if it falls on your body or it crawls in your body for a long time. This poses a risk of infection. In this case, the place of infection will be relaxed by mixing Amchur or Pasi Khatai in water and applying it to the paste.

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