On the day of Pradosh fast, know the story of Bhole Baba

Jun 14 2019 06:59 PM
On the day of Pradosh fast, know the story of Bhole Baba

Let all of you tell you that today is the defected vow and the importance of Lord Shiva in the eternal tradition is extremely special. In this way, according to Hindu beliefs, where Lord Brahma is the creator and Lord Vishnu, there are Shiva destroyers. Now, on the day of defected Vrat, we will tell you how Shiva Ji was born.

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A story related to the birth of Lord Shiva: According to a narrative, Lord Shiva actually came after a dispute between Lord Brahma and Vishnu. These two gods were arguing about who was paramount. In the midst of this controversy, suddenly, a shiny pole or column appeared. Neither the top part of the pillar was visible, nor was it the root of the sight. Then a voice was heard from Lord Brahma and Vishnu who said that whoever is looking for the final part of the pillar will be considered as the greatest.

What followed then was that Lord Brahma immediately took the form of a bird and began to fly towards the top of the pillar, so that they could find the apex part of it. On the other hand, Lord Vishnu took the form of a varaha, digging in the earth and searching for the bottom part of the pillar. It continued for a long time but they could not succeed. After all, the two had to confess their defeat.

These two gods then realised that there was a mighty power that would rule the universe, and that he was Lord Shiva. The side-end of the column does not actually indicate the beginning and end of Lord Shiva. The birth of Lord Shiva is indeed a mystery in itself. The different incarnations of Lord Shiva are also so perplexing that there is no match. The worship of Shiva Linga in Hindu beliefs is also of special importance. It stretches across the country as jyoersexes. According to assumptions Shiva's penis shows the role in the creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe of Lord Shiva.

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