On Thursday, Husband and wife do these measures to surely get Peace and wealth

May 16 2019 11:15 AM
On Thursday, Husband and wife do these measures to surely get Peace and wealth

Husband wife needs only two things in life after marriage - first happiness and second riches Both of these things are necessary for a happy life. However, it is very difficult to maintain these two together at all times. Only the rich people of fate have luck with both happiness and money. Where happiness keeps you mentally healthy, then the money fulfills the needs of your home. If there is any shortage of either of these things, relations start to sour. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to tell you a solution that you will get happiness, peace and prosperity after trying.

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This is what you have to do on Thursday. The reason for this is that this measure relates to Lakshminarayan, which means Vishnuji. It is worth mentioning that Thursday's day is dedicated to these. It is said that on this day, they receive much fruit of worship. The pair of Vishnu and Lakshmi are absolutely perfect. Vishnu is the God of happiness, peace and good fortune, then Lakshmi Ji is the Goddess of wealth, glory and luxury. Therefore, when you take these two measures, you get benefit of both happiness and money. The main thing of this measure is that you have to put it in pairs. That is, both husbands and wives will have to stay in this measure from beginning to end. So let us know the complete method of this measure.


On Thursday, husband wife baths and wear yellow clothes. During this time, wearing a female sari, husband should put a puff over seven of normal clothes. Now the wife should tie her sari's pallu with her husband's puff and sit for worship. Here you burn two ghee lamps in front of the statue of Vishnu and Lakshmi. Along with this, four agarbattis are also planted. Put a thread of a red worship in front of Vishnu Ji and keep a silver coin in front of her mother Lakshmi. Now, Vishnu has made aarti of God for the plate in both hands. After the completion of the Aarti, do aarti of Māmā Lakshmi. Now take blessings from the forehead in front of God.

Here, you have cut the thread of red worship which you had cut into two parts. Now husband wife tie it on his hands. This will result in fortune in your life and peace and happiness will remain in the house. Put the silver coin in front of Lakshmi Ji in the house locker. This will keep the money in your home. Also, the arrivals of money will also start moving. One thing is that you do not eat non-veg meals on Thursdays. Rather, you must have fasted at least one time this day. There are many good results for doing this remedy with true mind and full method.

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