Once Indian Government warned Prem Chopra for doing too many rape scenes

One of the most renowned villains of the Bollywood Industry has done various movies in his fantastic career spans. The famous villain is celebrating his 87 th birthday today. Prem Chopra appeared in hundreds of films and gained notoriety for consistently playing the bad guy. Prem was often seen eyeing the hero's girlfriend, sister or wife. Prem has shot multiple rape scenes too featuring some of the biggest female actors of the time and he once said that no one had anything but good things to say about his professionalism.

In his biography narrating an interesting incident the actor wrote, “There was this top heroine who was having an affair with a top hero. A shot required me to kiss her and initially she was willing. However, her lover happened to be on the sets when we were ready to shoot and he kept signalling to her not to comply. So whenever I came close to her face she would turn away. This went on, take after take, until I mock-shouted, ‘What the hell! We villains get thrown off cliffs, get shot by kids and are beaten up by all the heroes. At least we should be able to enjoy small benefits.’ It made light of the moment. Finally the shot was taken and the director heaved a sigh of relief.”

Prem Chopra in his book also revealed that once the government warned him to reduce rape scenes in his movie, “Do you think I actually like doing all these dirty things on screen? No, I do not! Violence and sex may be phases of the contemporary scene but I am totally against glorifying violence or dishing out sex as a box office booster. By the mid-1970s, film producers had already been told by the government to reduce violence and rape scenes. Even the films that were already on the floor had to conform by the new directive from the centre"

On the career front, Prem began his acting career in the early 1960s. Some of his best films are: Shaheed (1965), Upkaar (1967), Purab Aur Pashchim, Do Raaste (1969), Kati Patang (1970), Do Anjaane (1976), Jaadu Tona (1977), Kala Sona, Dostana (1980), Kranti (1981), Jaanwar(1982), Phool Bane Angaarey (1991) and many more. Prem has acted with the late actor Rajesh Khanna in more than 19 films. He was last seen in Varun V Sharma's Bunty Aur Babli 2, which was released in November, 2021.

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