OnePlus 11 and 12: All-New AI Features Coming Soon
OnePlus 11 and 12: All-New AI Features Coming Soon

Exciting news for OnePlus users! The company is getting ready to step into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) with its latest models, the OnePlus 11 and 12. Originally thought to debut with the OnePlus 12, AI features might now also be integrated into the OnePlus 11.

Leaks have surfaced suggesting OnePlus is preparing to launch a software update in China, packed with AI capabilities. This update, initially for OnePlus 11, has also been spotted on some OnePlus 12 devices. Mishaal Rahman, a reliable source, shared details about the update in a recent post, revealing various AI features users can expect.

Among these features are Al Summariser and AIGC Remover, which aid in photo editing and summarizing articles respectively. Users can also anticipate the introduction of Breeno Touch, allowing onscreen content recognition. Though not yet matching up to industry giants like Samsung and Google, these features signify OnePlus's commitment to enhancing user experience.

Rahman mentioned, "The update brings the version to PHB110_14.0.0.403(CN01) and also adds a few other features..."

With these AI additions, OnePlus shows its determination to keep pace with technological advancements. However, it's unclear when these updates will roll out globally and whether they'll be available on other flagship smartphones from OnePlus. OnePlus users can look forward to a smarter and more feature-rich experience with the upcoming updates on the OnePlus 11 and 12.

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