Here Kids play with The Poisonous Snake like a Toy; tragic Death Game
Here Kids play with The Poisonous Snake like a Toy; tragic Death Game

Many people run away as soon as they hear the name of the snake. But there are others who love animals. But living with poisonous animals can be dangerous. If anyone tries to damage the area of a snake, the snake quickly reverses it and kills it with its poisonous venom. We're going to tell you the case where children play with snakes. One such video has gone viral on social media.

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In this video that goes viral, you can see that there are some people in a village. A small child is also sitting among them. In front of which there is a poisonous snake. It can be called snake in common language. In this video, you can see how the child is playing with this poisonous snake. The age at which the toy should have been in hand is playing with the snake. Now, how do these children do this or how they live with their family snakes? Let the same go. See this video and be afraid if anyone is surprised.

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However, there is no confirmation of who shot the video when and where. However, watching the video can be imagined that snakes may have been reared or snakes in the village. At the moment, after watching this video, the breath of the big ones stops.

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